• What is Nimbu?

    Nimbu is online Learning Management System (LMS) designed for the RTO industry of Australia. It can also be used for non-accredited training. It has been specifically designed as an easy to use out-of-the-box LMS, suitable for small to medium sized RTOs looking for an affordable online LMS training solution.

  • Is Nimbu a SMS?

    No Nimbu is not a Student Management System.

  • Will Nimbu handle my student enrolments and AVETMISS reporting?

    Nimbu has a data export feature that allows the Nimbu account owner to export the relevant data for AVETMISS reporting as a CSV file. This data can then be used with other 3rd Party Providers to complete your AVETMISS reporting.

    Nimbu does not capture student enrolments.

  • Does the 100 free users include admin users?

    Yes the 100 free users includes all type of users.

  • Where is all my data stored?

    All your data is stored with Google Cloud Platform on servers located within Autralia.

  • Is Nimbu only for RTOs?

    No, Nimbu can be used by any organisation as well as RTOs. It easily allows for accredited and non-accredited training.