Pricing Plan

  • What is the $850/mo license fee?

    This fee is a monthly license fee for the use of Nimbu and the subdomain associated with the account.

  • How do you determine an active user?

    Any user that has admin, trainer or content editor permissions is considered an active user whilst their account is active. Any user with only student permissions is only considered an active user if they login within the month of the billing cycle.

  • What is the storage fee for?

    Each Nimbu account requires data storage, this include uploaded files and any data created in association of the account, such as HTML Articles. At the end of each month your Nimbu account will be charged at a rate of $1.50/gb (ex. GST) for each gigabyte of data being stored. Please note this is rounded up to the nearest gigabyte. For example if you are using 2.25gb of data storage you will be charged for 3gb.

  • When and how are the monthly usage fees calculated?

    Monthly usage charges are calculated and charged at the end of the month based on the usage throughout that month.

  • How will I be charged/invoiced for using Nimbu?

    When you first create your trial account you will be asked to add a primary payment method before you can proceed. This credit card or debit card will be used for all charges moving forward from the end of your trial period.

    You can easily access all your invoices and receipts from your Nimbu account.

  • What happens if I do not pay?

    If your monthly payment transaction is unsuccessful you will be notified and required to update and make payment within 24 hours.

    Regardless of an update from your side we will continue to attempt to charge your payment method at 24 hours and 48 hours of being overdue.

    If your payment continues to be unsuccessful your account will be pending deactivation and inaccessible until payment is made.

    If your account remains pending deactivation due to unsuccessful payment for the remainder of the month, it will automatically be deactivated at the start of the new month. You will be notified that this outcome is pending at 14 days, 7 days, 48 hours and 24 hours.

  • Does Nimbu store my credit card details?

    No Nimbu does not store your credit card details. We use world renown Stripe as our payment gateway and charges and transaction.

    Please refer to the Stripe’s security policy and documentation for more details. Click here to visit Stripe.

  • What if I wish to reactivate a cancelled account?

    If you wish to reactivate a cancelled account and all of the data within that account you will first need to contact Nimbu to request this.

    In order to reactivate an account you will need to pay for all monthly licence fees that would retrospectively been paid had your account been active up to the point of request reactive.

    Once this has been paid your account will be reactivated.

    Please note you can only reactivate accounts that have been deactivated for 0-6 months. Any account that has been deactivated longer than 6 months will be permanently deleted.

    You will be contacted 30 days and 7 days prior to permanent deletion of your account and all of the data within it.