Content Creation

Extensive range of learning content types

Nimbu allows you to create a range of different learning materials for your students. Including, PDF documents, embedded videos and podcasts, Canva documents or presentation, SCORM files. You also have the ability to create checkpoint quizzes and HTML articles/posts.

Easily embed external content

Embedding from Youtube, Vimeo, Canva, Soundcloud and other podcasts is a breeze and mobile friendly for your students.

Quick and easy course creation

Once you have published your library of learning content, assessments and observations configuring a unit and course is quick and easy. Nimbu allows you to quickly pull together and configure your units, clusters and courses for accredited and non-accredited training.

Progress quizzes

Self marking progress checkpoint quizzes are a great way to allow students to check-in on their progress along the course. These quizzes can be used as study tools and can be completed multiple times.

Easy to build clustering tool

Nimbu’s clustering tool allows you to select any range of your units and combine them for clustering purposes. Then simply add the relevant cluster learning material as if you were creating an ordinary unit.